Transport services

Truck hauling

Truck hauling is our principal activity. We understand that finding a fast and reliable solution is essential for your business. Within the EU, your truckload will be delivered in 48 hours.

We take pride in reacting promptly to all your requirements.

Depending on the loading location, the truck can be ready to load in as little as two hours from your call to us.

You can load your cargo with confidence: s.r.o. has a liability cover as a haulier according to the CMR Agreement. Additional insurance against any specific risk during shipping can be contracted to reflect your individual needs.

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Pallet transport

A transport of pallet loads is a fast and affordable solution for your transport requirements. We can provide just as much space on the truck as necessary for an affordable price.


We can accommodate both types of pallets widely used in domestic and international transport:

· EURO pallets (standard dimensions 120 cm x 80 cm)

· Single-use pallets (one-way pallets, individual dimensions)


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Package transport

Let us take care of your packages too! We transport domestic and international packages on board of the trucks running on regular routes. Should you require reliable aircraft or ship transportation – give us a call!

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Express shipping

Are you short of time? Is fast delivery your priority? If your answer is YES, then our express delivery service is the solution you are looking for! We will do our best to load and deliver your package in the shortest time possible.

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Special transport

Do not hesitate to contact us if your requirements include aircraft or ship transport. Our reliable cargo carriers have ample experience with all kinds of shipping.

ADR? Dangerous cargo? We will find a carrier with all the necessary permissions for transporting dangerous goods.

We are also able to transport your oversize loads within the Czech Republic as well as around Europe.

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